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Click HERE to see the Act of Law under which TV Licensing will prosecute you.

The Reduced Licence Fee

The C.A.L. is not against the BBC and supports the principle of a publicly funded broadcaster. What we are against is the obscene amounts of money that the BBC takes from the public purse every year, and the fact that the BBC uses an archaic law to criminalise the citizens of this country. There is absolutely no reason why the BBC could not be made to operate on a much reduced Licence Fee.

The C.A.L. uses the term 'reduce the Licence Fee'. By this we mean reduce it in a legal sense as well as a financial sense. The law needs to be changed so that it is no longer possible for the BBC/TVL to throw people in jail (on a fine point of law, you don't get imprisoned for not having a TV Licence, you get imprisoned for not paying the fine that's imposed if you don't buy a Licence; but it amounts to the same thing). Why can't a TV Licence debt be treated in the same way as any other consumer debt? Why is non-payment of a TV Licence treated as a strict liability offence (such as a speeding offence), which has to go to a magistrates court? Why do they take such a heavy handed approach to non payment of a TV Licence? It's hardly in the same category as bank robbery, and yet it's treated in the same manner.

This absurd situation needs to be changed. The legal power given to the BBC/TVL needs to be radically reduced. The BBC should no longer be allowed to demand money with menaces from the British public. It could either be funded directly from the Treasury, or else be made to operate on a much reduced Licence Fee.

The C.A.L. believe that the Licence Fee could be reduced to just twenty pounds per household. The BBC would still be able to operate on a Licence Fee of twenty pounds, it's an affordable amount for the Licence payers and will elimate almost all of the huge cost of administering and enforcing the TV Licence. Who would argue about paying just twenty pounds per year?

The BBC would argue about it for a start... so could they really survive as a public broadcaster on a 20 Licence Fee? The answer is, yes...

  1. A Licence Fee of 20 would generate 426 million per year

  2. This would be added to earnings from BBC businesses, which are 172 million per year

  3. This gives a total revenue of 598 million per year

That's an awful lot of money, isn't it, and it would be enough to run BBC2 and Radio2, Radio3 and Radio 4.

The rest of BBC broadcasting would become an entirely commercial operation and would pay taxes to the government just like any other business.

It really is a simple as that. All it requires is a small change to the law.


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