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For the latest news on our campaign please see our other C.A.L. web site at Our sister site has information about Jonathan Miller, Sunday Times journalist, and Vladimir Bukovsky, a well-known Soviet dissident, both of whom are refusing to pay the Licence Fee and are prepared to fight the BBC in the courts.

Here are some links to other sites that are campaigning against the TV Licence...

A.L.F.A. the Advocacy for Licence Fee Abolition. This site has lots of useful information on it and acts as a focal point for the resentment felt by the public about the Licence Fee: check it out.

Anti TV License Campaign, this is the campaign against the New Zealand TV Licence. This campaign was a success and the TV Licence has now been abolished in New Zealand. We've put this link to their site so that you can see the kind of battle they had to achieve their wonderful victory.

  Rip Off Britain will tell you about a multitude of other scams that are going on as well as the licence fee.

Banish the BBC Licence Fee, another home page by a guy called Keith who has some good ideas about how to protest against the Licence Fee.

Abolish the Licence, a home page by Mr D.Watt, who's taking a very brave approach to protesting about the unjust and unfair Licence Fee (Note: the CAL does not encourage people to break the law, but we give our full moral support to anyone taking such a radical measure in this matter)

If you know of any other web sites out there that are against the TV Licence please let us know...

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