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Welcome to CAL, the campaign to abolish the television licence in the United Kingdom

The CAL is no longer active and this site is for information only. For the latest news on our campaign please see our other web site at Abolish TV Licence.

This web site contains information about the TV Licence, the law under which the TV Licence is enforced, the BBC's financies and human rights abuses that occur because of the TV Licence system.

November 2002: three new sections added to this site: The Licence and the Law, Criminalising Television Licence Evasion (which gives official figures about people jailed for licence evasion fine default) and Prison Statistics.

The C.A.L. believes that the Television Licence Fee, which British citizens are forced to pay by law, is unjust and unfair. Every year people are imprisoned and fined on the strength of this archaic law. These people are mostly the poor and disadvantaged in our society. It is a matter of shame that this sort of thing still goes on in the 21st century in what is supposed to be a civilised and democratic country.

Here' s a recent (2001) Mori Opinion Poll about the Licence Fee...

Q9 As you know, the BBC is currently funded by the licence fee, and all households with a colour television pay an annual fee of 104. Which of the following best describes your view...

    The BBC should continue to be funded from the licence fee35
    The licence fee should be replaced with other sources of funding56
    Don't know4

Opinion poll after opinion poll shows that the majority of people in this country do not want the television licence fee. The government arrogantly ignores public opinion.

The C.A.L. has been formed to lobby the British Government in order to get the Licence Fee abolished. We are going to make the politicians take notice of the people, for a change.

The C.A.L. is not against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). We support the principle of a publicly funded broadcasting service. However, the modern day BBC has gone beyond its original role and is now a multi-million pound business enterprise. As such it cannot expect British citizens to give it a massive subsidy under threat of imprisonment.

The BBC is not directly responsible for this state of affairs. The Corporation has a legal remit that it uses to its advantage (the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949 is the cornerstone of TV Licence legislation). It is the law that needs to be addressed, and the government that makes the law.

In the following pages we will outline the facts of our case. If you agree with what we're saying, if you want to help the campaign, or if you have further information that may be of use to us please feel free to get in touch via our Abolish TV Licence site


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