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Peter Blake: Demonstrations in a Department Store II

Demonstrations in a Department Store II - Peter Blake

The 2CV Alaska Challenge - recounts Rob Godfrey's amazing adventures with a little French car in arctic Alaska.

COMMUTER - Rob's latest piece of installation art, and also an attempt to create a non-biological intelligence.

Poems Thrown From The Top Of The Stairs - a collection of poetry by Rob Godfrey.

Tintin pages - essays about Hergé and his creation.

SpiderTech - provides Computer Aided Design and Drafting Services.

The C.A.L. (the Campaign to Abolish the Licence) - in the United Kingdom you can still be thrown in jail as a result of not having a television licence.

C.R.A.P. (the Council for Revolution Anarchy and the Proletariat) - an urban guerrilla movement.

Oscar Wilde
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